Basics of Ivibet

Covering the Basics of Ivibet: The Online Casino at the Forefront

In recent years, the rise of online casinos has surged by more than 70%. Canada, as one of the leading countries regarding online gambling, has been at the center of this trend. Despite the industry’s rough start in the country, online gambling now generates a substantial amount of revenue for the government. Nearly 100 casinos worldwide accept Canadian users.

While a pretty recent online platform, IviBet has rapidly proved itself as one of the market’s leading bookmakers. Canadian bettors appreciate this platform for a variety of reasons, including transparency, security, legal regulated betting grounds, a plethora of wonderful financing ways, and several other considerations.

Besides the desktop version, IviBet has a mobile site alternative for individuals who prefer to bet on their smartphones. To access the mobile version, open a mobile browser on your device and navigate to the website’s page. From your phone, you may effortlessly explore the website. In addition, there is a separate app. This app is suitable for both Android and iOS users.

A Variety of Online Betting for All Players


Upon registering and setting up an account on IviBet, you’ll have a welcome bonus to claim once you top up your balance. From then, it’s all smooth sailing. There are several sorts of online betting available, and it all depends mostly on the sport you select. The top three kinds are parlay, teaser, and money line bets. 

Parlay Bets

A parlay is a bet that combines two or more selections into a single wager. It might be as few as two distinct options, up to the maximum specified by the sportsbook. The betting odds for a parlay are affected by the total number of options combined. The benefit of the parlay is that the pay-offs are far higher than if you put each individual bet individually since hitting all of them is far more difficult. 

Teaser Bets

A teaser bet, like a parlay bet, allows the bettor to change the point spread for a game. As a result, the bet is significantly easier to win. In exchange, if they win, the bookmaker will limit their gains. The most common sort of teaser bet is a two-team, six-point football. The disadvantage with teasers is that they are still difficult to hit, and when you use modified betting lines, your final reward is significantly decreased.

Money Line Bets

A money line bet is the most fundamental and straightforward stake in sports betting. Depending on the sport, it is a wager with two or three possible outcomes. When you bet on the money line, you’re just choosing a team to win without taking the point spread into consideration. The risk is the difference between the amount you must wager to choose the favorite and the amount you win if you choose the underdog. 


As a newly established online casino, IviBet allows you to experience gambling like you’ve never before. From basketball and football to hockey and tennis, there’s a sport for every kind of person. However, if you’re just beginning, remember to do a bit of research to learn about the types of betting you can engage in. Make sure to develop a betting strategy to make the gambling process more efficient for you. Furthermore, having a plan assures that you know what you’re doing, which proves you are aware of how much you can wager and how much you’re willing to lose. But most importantly, remember to have fun—gambling is entertainment, after all. 

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