There are many types of hobbies. They all have one thing in common, which is to give pleasure to those who engage in them. This is also the most important aspect of a hobby because where will the passion come from if the occupation is not fun? Apart from the so popular hobbies, however, there are also extraordinary things. Many of these activities have a thrill in them. Sometimes, but not always, they are not to be exercised regularly. But when it works, only the feeling of happiness takes the adrenaline from its throne. Here we introduce some high-adrenaline hobbies for you.


In and of itself, free climbing is the unsecured climbing. Everyone has seen photos or videos and documentaries about the climbers who climb high up along steep slopes or even overcome overhangs without a net and double bottom. The thrill is certainly involved in this hobby, but excitement can be deadly. As a normal hobby, free climbing comes in a secured version that still provides enough excitement for the hobbyist:

Where is it possible to practise free climbing? Ultimately, wherever there is a climbable wall. Some climbers have long since replaced rock with urban obstacles, scaling bridges and skyscrapers. 

And what about the thrill? Anyone who has ever fallen from an indoor climbing wall while wearing a safety harness will have noticed: Adrenaline automatically shoots through the body. This feeling in the back of your mind makes free climbing even more exciting, of course. However, this thrill hobby is only suitable for well-trained and experienced climbers. Those who have no experience at all should rather take their first steps guided in a climbing school, everything else would be too risky.


Not everyone appreciates it when the thrill immediately holds a danger for body and soul. That is understandable. This hobby now offers at most danger for the fingers if they scurry too long and continuously over the display. Online casinos are absolutely in vogue and offer the highlights of the casino completely without dress code and detours at home on the sofa:

And adrenaline is also released when gambling, so the thrill shows. But even nicer is the later feeling of happiness when dopamine shoots through the body. Online casinos offer all the variants of the familiar local casino, but with a much greater variety. The spatial restrictions are eliminated. There are even live games. So, live gambling at  Spinia involves playing at real tables in a casino around the world, although the players are present only virtually.

However, to make your gambling safer, pay attention to gambling licenses, because they also ensure the safety of the player. Of course, this hobby is only for adults, but access is easy and convenient. Many casinos already offer their own apps, alternatively mobile access for the smartphone is ideal.



If you’ve really ever jetted down a steep slope on a mountain bike or ventured onto a track, you know that the adrenaline is on board. However, this hobby is not available everywhere, making it a weekend highlight for many people. Important is, that track driving must be allowed. Cross-country may well promise thrills, but the ensuing trouble is guaranteed to cloud the joy. ยด

However, mountain biking does not have too many similarities with the usual cycling. So that the thrill can be enjoyed, and the hobby doesn’t end up in the emergency room, it’s best to start slowly. Completely without preparation, these two hobbies work. They offer the pure thrill, because they address exactly the fear of man, which everyone knows: the fear of falling:

If that’s too exciting after all, you can stick to roller coasters and freefall towers at amusement parks or fairgrounds. Depending on the position in the coaster, the ride experience changes, and your perception also changes. What looks like a free fall at the very front is topped at the back with the feeling of weightlessness. So, how about a taking up a risky hobby?

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