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Handball leagues to bet on online

Online handball betting is a very popular option. Fans can find all the major leagues and place bets all year round. Not only the most famous tournaments, but also the smaller competitions. In each case, betting has its own particularities.

The most popular competitions

In the world of handball betting, the most popular leagues are those with the most liquid markets. This means that they arouse the interest of players and cause a large amount of money to circulate on the platform. This can also mean bigger prizes.

The most followed leagues are the local ones. These include the Primera DivisiĆ³n, the ASWBAL League, and the men’s and women’s Honor and Silver Divisions. There is also no shortage of prestigious international competitions, such as the Champions League, where the strongest teams in Europe play against each other. You can find the most competitive online handball betting markets in these leagues from the operators on our list.

Other handball betting leagues and tournaments


The online handball betting options are not limited to the most popular tournaments. You can bet on a huge variety of markets and with extremely interesting types of bets. Among the domestic leagues, the women’s Premier League stands out, featuring internationally renowned players.

Internationally, the options are countless. The French National League tends to feature heavily in betting, but you can also try your luck in lesser-known markets such as the Indian Premier League or the regional tournaments of the New Zealand Handball Federation.

Types of handball betting

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In this section we will show you the different ways to bet on handball online. The variations are countless and depend from operator to operator, but there are some markets that are repeated by all bookmakers. It is a good idea to know what they are before betting.

  • Match Winner The most common bet, which usually pays high for weaker teams.
  • Over/Under Here you bet on whether the number of goals in total. That is, whether it will be below or above a certain amount.
  • Handicap Points are added to or subtracted from the final result to change the odds.
  • Margin of victory Bet on the margin by which the winning team will win.
  • Total goals per team How many goals each team will score.

These are just some of the markets available at bookmakers. As noted above, these categories can vary across different operators. Also, in some leagues there may be more variety of betting types, due to their popularity. We invite you to explore this for yourself.

Handicapping is a must. It’s a great way to make betting more profitable. For example, if a very strong team plays a weak team, you can subtract a -3.5, for example, and the odds go up significantly. A good use of the handicap will give you profitable bets.

Odds and payouts

One of the main factors to take into account when playing online is the odds, i.e. the values that each bet pays out. At the best handball bookmakers you will find more than convenient odds for all markets, so your bets will always be profitable.

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