Basketball competitions to bet on online

The world of basketball has everything: highly competitive leagues such as the league or the NBA, but also more modest tournaments. All of them are available at the best sportsbooks, so you won’t miss out on any competition. The more popular the league, the more liquid the market.

The most popular leagues and tournaments

Basketball bets

Basketball is one of the most popular sports, second only to football. That’s why punters look for all kinds of leagues to bet on: from the NBA in the United States to the Turkish Super League. Betting on this sport is extremely varied.

Other leagues of interest to local punters include the Dutch DBL, England’s BBL, and Italy’s Lega A. Many of these tournaments are played. Many of the best basketball players in the world play in these tournaments. There is also no shortage of international competitions such as the FIBA Champions League and the European Cup.

More competitions to bet on basketball

The options don’t stop there. On the sites in our ranking you can find a huge variety of basketball sports betting options that go beyond the best-known tournaments in Europe. Yes, the ENDESA league is competitive and has great charm, but have you tried the Brazilian league?

To the list of available markets you can add all the Latin American tournaments, where there are always big name players.

Basketball betting markets available

Basketball betting

The markets for online basketball betting are varied and entertaining. The options offered by the bookmakers let the imagination run wild, as they allow for creativity in predicting the events of the game. Here are some common options in this sport:

  • Winner of the match – Easy: predict who will win the match.
  • Overtime – Here you bet that the match will go into overtime because it will end in a draw.
  • Handicap – Add or subtract points to make the bet more competitive.
  • Over/Under – Bet on the total points scored by the two teams. This can be either over or under the total.
  • Quarter betting – Here you bet on the outcome of each quarter.
  • Teaser – You bet on the final result before the game, but you can change the handicap during the game.
  • Player Props – Here you bet on the performance of individual players (rebounds, points, etc.).

The variety of bets has to do with the dynamism of this practice. It would be repetitive or boring to just bet on the winner of a game; it is more fun to explore the options and get into the world of sport. This allows you to keep track of tournaments and players.

Handicapping, for example, is a popular form of sports betting on basketball, especially when there is a big difference in quality between the teams and the winner has been announced. For this, handicap points can be added or subtracted to make the contest more even.

Betting on every match is very exciting, especially when the performance of the players matches the excitement. However, there are also long-term bets, such as who will be the winner of a tournament, or which player will be the highest scorer in a given competition. Alternatives abound.

Information on odds and payouts

When playing online, it is necessary to check odds values. The most convenient options are listed in our ranking of the best sports bookmakers.

How do you recognise the best basketball odds? Quite simply: by comparing several different operators. That way it is possible to determine which one offers the most interesting prizes in each sport. The 5 servers on our list are particularly good options for basketball fans because of their generous odds.

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