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Horse races to bet on online

Horse racing abounds in many countries around the world. Of course, in some places these competitions are more important than in others. In this section we will take a look at the most eye-catching races that are highlighted by the best horse bookmakers.

The most popular races

horse betting

Horse racing is one of the sports created with betting at the very heart of its nature. This makes them have a huge following, especially in countries like the UK. Horse betting is also very popular.

The most famous racecourses are located in the United States and Dubai. However, horse racing can be found everywhere. Among the most significant prizes are the Kentucky Derby, the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe, and, the Gran Premio de Madrid.

More races to bet on horses

There are more and more options for online horse betting. As the gambling industry diversifies, new markets for online betting are emerging. These include well-known competitions such as the Japan Cup, and the Nakayama Grand Jump, both in Japan.

There is also access to smaller races, such as those held at racetracks in Latin America. There, the sport is known as turf and has a large following. On the sites in our ranking there are markets from all over the world to bet on all year round.

All horse betting markets

Horse races

Being a betting orientated sport, horse racing offers a really interesting variety of markets. In this section we will list the most interesting ones to give you a broad overview of how to bet on horses online. Each alternative offers a different way of experiencing the races.

  • Winner: Here you simply bet on who will be the winning horse of the race.
  • Place: This bet predicts which selection of horses will finish in the top 3 (or top 4 if more than 16 horses are competing).
  • Each way: This bet combines the winner and place bets, with better odds than if you bet separately on each.
  • Swinger: Here you choose 2 horses that will finish in the top 3. If only one of them makes it to the podium, the bet is a forfeit.
  • Exacta: The exacta bet is like the swinger bet, but you need to match the order of the positions of the two chosen horses: first and second place? or second and third?
  • Double: Here you can bet on the winner of two races taking place on the same day. An extremely profitable market.
  • Comparisons: Two horses are chosen and it is announced which of them will come out on top, irrespective of their final position in the race.

As you can see, horse racing is rife with markets. This makes racing very entertaining for punters, who can choose from a wide range of variants. Each market involves a different perspective from which to view the race and enjoy it in a particular way.

It is also possible to play with long term bets, such as which horse will be the best performer in a series of races, or which horse will win the most prizes for the year. It is a good idea to research both the races and the status of jockeys and horses.

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